That Smile by Shane Sands

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That smile, that one smile I confess, is the single most dominating thought I have.  Several months have elapsed since last writing here on UCJ.  It was not for lack of want or desire.  Ever since returning form overseas it has been one roller coaster ride after another.  Then there was the transition from one job to another accompanied by …

Shane SandsThat Smile by Shane Sands

A Warning to the Unconverted by Joseph Alleine

Holly Sands Jewels From The Past

It is no small part of your misery that you are without God. Sinners, what will you do in the day of your visitation? Where will you flee to for help? What will you do when the world shall take its eternal leave of you; when you must bid your friends, houses, and lands, farewell for evermore? What then, I …

Holly SandsA Warning to the Unconverted by Joseph Alleine