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In a February 2016 Barna Study, it was reported that nearly half of non-religious adults perceive Christianity to be extremist.

The perception that the Christian faith is extreme is now firmly entrenched among the nation’s non-Christians. A full forty-five percent of atheists, agnostics, and religiously unaffiliated in America agree with the statement “Christianity is extremist.” Almost as troubling is the fact that only 14 percent of atheists and agnostics strongly disagree that Christianity is extremist. The remaining four in ten (41%) disagree only somewhat. So even non-Christians who are reluctant to fully label Christianity as extremist, still harbor some hesitations and negative perceptions toward the religion. [Read full article HERE]

United in Christ Jesus confronts this aggressive perception through the venues of open air preaching, one-on-one evangelism, and tract distribution. Our team members proclaim the gospel boldly and unashamedly – never despising or shaming others, but in kindness and humility – calling those who are outside Christ to come to repentance and faith.    

“Open-air evangelism has always had a more or less counter-cultural stigma. People have always been offended by it, because it tends to confront them with the truths they least want to think about at precisely the moment they are trying to do something to avoid thinking about things like eternity and accountability to God.

“And therein lies the true effectiveness of open-air ministry, I think. You can’t measure the “success” of the street-corner guy by the number of converts he wins. You’d have to be able to know how many men who drove by him on their way to a strip club or a secret tryst and were convicted when they saw his “Repent” signs. But there are no statistics on that.

“…Some people are so deep in sin and degeneracy and so devoid of Christian friendship that if they don’t hear the gospel from an [open air preacher], they aren’t going to hear it at all.” 


Please consider becoming a monthly financial partner with United in Christ Jesus. Your faithful donations help us to reach out to those who are outside the doors of the church and outside of “Christian influence.” 

Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that [God’s] house may be filled. Lk. 14:23


“The provision made for precious souls in the gospel of Christ, has not been made in vain; for if some reject, others will thankfully accept the offer. The very poor and low in the world, shall be as welcome to Christ as the rich and great; and many times the gospel has the greatest success among those that labor under worldly disadvantages and bodily infirmities.” – Matthew Henry

Your faithful donations help us to purchase Bibles to give to those on our outreaches and for the production of sound biblical tracts that we can leave with someone to think on, long after we have left them. Your faithful donations also help us to provide churches and laymen with solid teachings on evangelism and outreach.

As you consider your part in this ministry, we humbly thank you for your kindness and trust that the LORD will credit your faithfulness to the furtherance of the gospel (Phil. 4:17).

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– The United in Christ Jesus Ministry Team.


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