Defending Your Faith – The Harmony of The Gospels

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This short apologetics video, “Defending Your Faith – The Harmony of The Gospels” is hopefully, used of the LORD, to equip you the believer (or give another perspective to the non-believer) on how to answer/demonstrate why the gospels are not different, but in harmony, presenting a much more in-depth, complete, and beautiful picture of GOD the FATHER sending HIS SON to live the life we could not, completely dependent on GOD the HOLY SPIRIT, to complete the work the FATHER sent HIM to do.

This video does not address specifics about the gospels, which others may (probably will) bring up during any discussion.  However, I do provide several resources which I believe will be of extreme value to arm and prepare yourselves with.

It is my prayer the LORD JESUS will use this to glorify HIS name, encourage the saints, have sinners convicted of their sin, and grant even one sinner forgiveness and eternal life in CHRIST JESUS the LORD.  Glory to GOD!  Worthy is the LAMB!  Amen.


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Shane Sands is the founder and president of United in Christ Jesus. In addition to local and statewide outreaches, he has organized and participated in numerous evangelism trips around the world and helped to establish a Reformed home church in Norway. Shane is a devoted husband to his wife, Holly and together they desire to follow the Lord’s leading to be based in Northern Ireland.

Shane SandsDefending Your Faith – The Harmony of The Gospels