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Witnessing to the Youth

Witnessing to the Youth

Perhaps one of the hardest groups of people to reach in sincerity, theirs I mean, are youth with the gospel of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.  I think being a teenager in high school today has far more complexity then when I was growing up. Given all the technology available today and the mass amounts of media being delivered via numerous channels, such as social media, is it any wonder why there is so much darkness, immorality, and ignorance?  It was this particular group of people, high school youth, I hoped the LORD would grant us to engage during our last gospel outreach.  What we found was the favor of GOD in granting our request.  Please take time to read, pray for and rejoice over the youth whom the LORD granted to hear HIS glorious gospel.

It was Friday afternoon.  I had just finished my shift at work, ran home, changed clothes, and we were out the door.  This was to be the first time, since getting back from Ireland, openly worshiping the LORD in the public proclamation of the good news of what GOD has done to make a way possible for to have peace with HIM.  It was getting close to 2:30pm the time when the schools get out.  We wanted to be in place by that time so we could, LORD willing, engage the high school students as they would pass by.  If you have never dealt with high school students before, it can be a bit of a challenge.  Sometime they are polite and respectful, but are really not engaged with you.  Other times they are just down right mocking and disrespectful.  There are numerous ministries that go to reach college students, but very few who try to engage high school youth where they are.  I think it is partially because of the difficulty to reach them.  However, we do not trust in men or the power of human wisdom, but the power of GOD through HIS living Word to reach those who have not repented of their sins and trusted in JESUS CHRIST.  Once we arrived, Holly and I prayed seeking the LORD and HIS favor for a door to be opened for the Word to go forth.  I walked to my normal location and as I was getting set up there was a man waiting for the bus.  We said hello and I gave him a tract.  To my surprise he stayed to listen fir a while.  I began with reading John 1.  Still to this day the reading of GOD’S Word openly remains one of my greatest joys.  There is just something about the living Word going forth

Witnessing to  group of youth

Witnessing to group of youth

which has me smile.  That smile would be turned into further praise as the LORD granted us numerous doors for the gospel to go forth.  Holly and I also both remarked, after the outreach, the peace we had.  This was one of the very few times I have been out and not had a sense of warfare happening.  As the gospel began to go forth high school students started to come my way.  After handing out a couple of tracts I saw Pastor Steve Bice of Sovereign Grace Church Bellbrook, my home church, standing on the other side of the street.  It’s hard to describe the joy I receive from the LORD as I witness my pastor out witnessing to the resurrection of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.  I have not belonged to a church where the pastor had the desire to do the work of an evangelist.  Praise the LORD for this favor!

Witnessing to the Youth

Witnessing to the Youth

That afternoon Steve and I witnesses to numerous high school students (More photos can be found here).  Whether it was one on one or a group the LORD gave us much favor to reach out.  Pastor Steve mentioned something which I did not notice at first.  While I was witnessing to a group of students several of the groups friends were attempting to get them to leave.  What was remarkable was they told their friends to hold on while they stayed and finished the conversation.  Thank YOU FATHER for this favor.  Time after time tracts were handed out, witnessing occurred, and the gospel went forth!  Perhaps the most powerful encounter was with a lady in her car.  As she was stopped at the red light her window was opened a bit.  So I began preaching to her.  I lowered my voice and engaged her with the gospel.  It was very plane and visible the HOLY SPIRIT was working on her.  She never closed her window, she would look over several times, and the countenance on her face showed one of conviction.  She did not move on until a person behind her honked their horn letting her know the light had changed.  May the LORD save her, if HE has not already.  Praise the LORD!

Besides the three questions I ask after each open air proclamation [1.  Was CHRIST JESUS exalted and honored? 2.  Was the gospel clear?  3.  Was it done with compassion, love, and in truth?]  I try to look for any other evidence of the LORD’S, as you might say, stamp of approval – HIS ordination of the outreach.  I think I have seen in each and every one this evidence displayed.  This was no exception.  The night before when I was packing my backpack preparing for the outreach, I knew it was going to be a bit cold so I was packing a scarf, sweater, and a stocking cap.  As I was packing the clothing, out of nowhere I had the thought to pack my Norway cap.  I have not worn that cap in about a year.  It is not particularly my style, thus I found it a bit odd I was thinking of wearing it.  A few years ago I learned the LORD was working through me and having HIS will accomplished even in the most insignificant ways, at least how I would view it.  So, it came as no major surprise, though I did rejoice and thank GOD when I saw HIS validation of this day.  As we were finishing up with the outreach, getting ready to get into our cars and leave, a lady walked up to us.  This lady, out of the blue, looks and points to my hat and says, “Now thats a hat you don’t see every day.”  Come to find out this lady and her husband had been to Norway, loved it and wanted to return back.  As we talked a bit, reflecting on Norway, where we traveled there, and my desire to take Holly there – the LORD opened a door for us to give her a tract and share for just a bit.  My friends, the very last conversation we had, the very last tract which was handed out, was all due to a Norway stocking cap which I really had no intention of wearing until it was put in my mind to do so.  Truly, the LORD had shined HIS face on this outreach.  Even before it began the LORD was working…indeed before the foundation of the world every encounter had been ordained, even the clothes we wore.  Bless the LORD who would grant HIS glorious name and gospel go forth!


As I sign off for this review I ask you to please pray for all those who heard the gospel.  Please intercede before the LORD on their behalf seeking HIS favor in granting them repentance and faith in JESUS.  Pray for those who were contrary to the gospel.  Please pray for those who saw and did not hear…may the LORD send another to preach CHRIST JESUS to them.  May the LORD use the seeds sown for HIS glory and praise…may they have fallen on good soil.  Thank you saints for your faithful prayers.

Glory to GOD!  Worthy is the LAMB!


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12186388_1665749413637505_975314646603870696_oShane Sands is the founder and president of United in Christ Jesus. In addition to local and statewide outreaches, he has organized and participated in numerous evangelism trips around the world and helped to establish a Reformed home church in Norway. Shane is a devoted husband to his wife, Holly and together they desire to follow the Lord’s leading to be based in Northern Ireland.

Shane SandsYouth Hearing The Gospel in Centerville by Shane Sands