Hayden Lewis

My name is Hayden Lewis and I’m a sinner saved by God’s wonderful Grace!

I was running hard for the things of the world and the desires of my flesh when God called me to Himself through Jesus Christ. I had always professed to be a Christian but I never really knew I had to be born again. I never knew what it was to be born again until God did that marvellous work in me. He gave me a new heart that longed to please and obey Him, I desired fellowship with Jesus, I desired to be in His Word and it made sense!

My heart’s desire is too serve the Master and be a blessing and encouragement to the body of Christ. That is why I support my brother, Shane and his desire to share the gospel by word and deed. I praise God for what He is doing in and through my brother and I look forward too seeing God use this ministry to build and strengthen His Kingdom. 

Coram Deo!

Hayden Lewis is a member of the original Board of Directors and is Vice-President of United in CHRIST JESUS. Hayden and his family reside in Florida. 

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